Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hi everyone and welcome to my edible odyssey. Here I am in Paris, where I'm always sure to indulge some of my favorite things -- great food, travel and dogs. Parisians love their dogs so don't be surprised to see fur people at the table in restaurants. The only thing I really miss when I'm on the road, besides spicy Mexican food, is my dog Cisco, and here on a street in Paris, in Montparnasse to be exact, in front of one of the best crepe cafes in that glorious City of Light, I have stopped to greet a dog that looks a lot like my own handsome mutt.

My friend Michele took the photo. We've been friends since pre-school so Oprah and Gayle have nothing on us. You can't see my face but more will be revealed when my culinary memoir, SIREN'S FEAST: AN EDIBLE ODYSSEY, is launched in April 2008. Described by some who've already had a peek as "sex, drugs and gourmet food," it's also filled with fascinating characters, exotic locales and some of my favorite recipes. I can't wait to share it with you all.