Friday, January 30, 2009


I haven't had time to post anything lately. My adorable mother, Florence, fell and broke her hip the day after her 94th birthday.
And it happened in Newport Beach, which involved a lot of driving back and forth. Happy to report she is a trooper and came through surgery just fine, is still in rehab and we hope to have her up and walking soon. For anyone who goes through this, be aware that the after effects of anaesthesia in the elderly can bring out the devil in the most unassuming people. Before surgery the nurses were all "sweethearts." After surgery they all became "dirty bitches." (Mom's words, not mine.) The next day the nurses were all "sweethearts" again, prompting one of them to say, "She's baaack. We missed you."

Since I've never posted a photo of my mother and my daughter Vedra, here they are--both major characters of SIREN'S FEAST.

And I'll be baaaack---soon.