Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chow and Sunday Farmer's Market

I've decided to keep a log of what I buy at the Farmer's Market in Studio City every Sunday and how much I've spent.
$60 for a lot of food, including 2 croissants (I know, a real splurge) that smoked spicy skipjack tuna pate from the nice folks in Ventura County and the spicy tempha that Vedra likes so much (Not to be confused with tempeh.)

We laid out our stash and Buddha wanted to be part of it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Supernatural Kids are popping up everywhere!

Since the release of The Supernatural Kids Cookbook we've been noticing that teaching healthy cooking to kids is becoming more prevalent and it's about time. When I published the first natural foods cookbook in l977 (Supernatural) I couldn't even say it was vegetarian because vegetarians were considered fringey types. Not any more. Now even Oprah Winfrey calls herself "veganish."

Here's my latest interview on a site( Kids Cooking Activities) that shares the same philosphy as all of us at The Supernatural Kids Cookbook.
At the last minute, I thought to send Debbie Madson, the amazing woman who runs several sites geared to everything that is good for kids, a photo of the Swedish Pancakes that I talk about. My Mom would have loved that her yummy recipe is being passed down the generations.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


My latest book, THE SUPERNATURAL KIDS COOKBOOK, is now available. It contains over 70 delicious and healthy recipes that the entire family will enjoy. Kid tested and Mother Earth Approved.